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Handling Paper Pledge Protocol

Although giving online is easier than ever, some donors may still prefer to give using a paper pledge form. If so, they can mail their completed pledge directly to the CFC Processing Center at P.O. Box 7820 Madison, WI 53707-7820. Alternatively, forms can be submitted directly to the department or agency’s Campaign Manager. If pledge forms are submitted to Keyworkers directly, they must be stored in a secure location until they are able to be delivered to the Campaign Manager. 

To submit pledge forms, Campaign Managers should download and complete the CFC Pledge Report Summary. Enclose it and the completed paper pledge forms in the Pledge Report Envelope and mail to the CFC Processing Center. Official government mail may be used to send paper pledge forms. 

Common Pledge Form Errors

  • Illegible
  • Total gift and charity designation amounts are not the same
  • Funds are undesignated (all funds must be designated using a 5-digit charity code)
  • Reporting unit information is missing (Department name in the “Your Department” box, Agency name in the “Your Agency” box, Reporting Unit name in the “Your Office” box)
  • Authorizations portion is NOT signed 
  • Social Security number is missing for a payroll deduction pledge (Social Security numbers are only needed for payroll deduction)